Web & Mobile Analytics Mastery Workshop 

About the course/workshop

  • This laser-focused 16 academic hour course and workshop (2 day session or 3 evening sessions) was created specifically for non-technical users. In it you will learn not just about the tools, but also the way and the strategy to master Analytics and truly make data-driven decisions.

  • Throughout the course we will experience and practice using the most popular Analytics platforms in use. Including: MixPanel, AmplitudeGA, Firebase, FB Analytics, Appsee, Fabric, HotJar, Crashlytics and more...  

  • To provide our students with the knowledge and skill-set to confidently choose, setup, analyze and conclude using off-the-shelf tools that are available today (going beyond Google Analytics).

Workshop takeaways!
  • Our workshop sessions will allow you to work on your own site/app data (dummy apps/data will be provided for those who can not use their own data).

  • By the end of the course each student will compose their own Analytics strategy document, ready to be presented to their CEO.

Is this course for me?

​If you're a...

  • Product manager, whose roles include planning and analyzing Analytics data.

  • Data analyst, who understands that knowing every technique is strongly outweighed by knowing how to ask the right questions and strategize. 

  • Digital marketer, who knows the high value of data driven decisions that goes beyond optimizing CPC and installation campaigns, and wants to learn the value of the users acquired inside the site/app.

  • CEO, who understands the value of being able to analyze your data on your own. Knowing how to ask the right questions and fully understanding the capabilities and possibilities of the Analytics platforms you're paying for.

  • Be able to confidently choose the right Analytics platform for your business. 

  • Create a winning Analytics strategy.

  • Be fully familiar with available tactics and techniques. 

  • Be able to smartly plan and setup your chosen analytics tools

  • Key tools:

    • Events

    • Funnels

    • Segmentation

    • Cohort charts

    • Flow/navigation charts

    • Creating dashboards

    • Navigation analysis

    • Marketing analysis

  • Compose an analysis report on your own data for senior management.

  • The course participants need to have a basic understanding of Analytics tools and the digital ecosystem.

  • The participants must have permissions to access their current analytics data (those without access will use demo accounts).

  • Good understanding of product terminology (e.g. onboarding, retention, UX, etc’).

  • A short interview will be done with all participants to make sure the course is a good fits.

* Still not sure if this course is for you? 

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Upcoming course will take place:
November 2019 
Price: 2,150 nis + VAT


Day 1 - Introduction & dive into strategy
  • Introduction to behavior analytics 

  • Why is everybody, knowingly, doing it wrong?

  • Worst practices & what not to do

  • Analytics Strategy - who needs it?!

    • North star metric​

    • KPIs & metrics

    • Strategics questions

  • Tactics

    • Investigation methods​

    • Event table / tracking plan

  • Workshop

Day 2 - Theories, Practice & Setup
  • Tools, tactics and capabilities (events, properties, funnels, segmentations, etc')

    • Theory

    • Practice

  • Fitting to product assessment stages:

    • Onboarding

    • Engagement

    • Retention

    • Virality

    • Monetization

  • Workshop

  • Visualization tools and usage 

  • Advanced techniques

  • Choosing the right tools for the job  

Day 3 - Analysis of your data
  • Guide to 'how to analyse analytics data' without going insane

  • QA - defining this critical process  

  • Full analysis reports- Structure and key points 

  • Workshop

  • Composing your analytics report  

  • Presenting (briefly) your work 

  • Summary 

* Still not sure if this course is for you? 

   Leave us your details and we'll get back to you with any answer you may need: info@y-perspective.com

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