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Our unique expertise are Analytics setup & implementation and on-going reporting as-a-service. With tens of sites and app setup and monitored, we're experts and partners of almost all of the analytics tools out there:

MixPanel | Amplitude | FB Analytics | Firebase | Appsee | Heap | AppsFlyer | Hotjar

Analytics articles published by Yoav Yechiam in Mind the Product:

Although we strongly recommend working with an expert, if you choose to do it on your own, below are our best-practice guidelines: 



Whether you decide to work with us or do it on your own, we recommend the following methodology:

  1. Choose the right tools for the job

  2. Make sure you know the questions to be asked before implementing

  3. Decide your funnel before your events

  4. Minimum events, maximum event properties 

  5. QA (can't stress that enough!) 



  1. We are strong believers in dashboards on automatic reports. Nevertheless, when done it is crucial these snapshots will reflect changes where needed and only when relevant (easier said than done - no doubt)

  2. Never 'dive' into the numbers without a guide rope. As you'll be drawn into the data and potentially 'waste' a great deal of time without significant output

  3. Always ask a question - make an hypothesis - make sure the results are actionable - only then dig for the answer

  4. Make sure to do A/A testing (not a typo) to make sure that it's not the measurements that weren't conducted properly 

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Good luck! 

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