A product consultant’s confession

I was an entrepreneur, still am. I’ve walked in those shoes more than once. But when you become a consultant and you give great advice, increase conversions and any other metrics by nearly 100 percent, and yet still see a company shut down six months later, you get a clearer picture of what’s going wrong.

You took the easy path where you knew all of the answers. You got great results at minimal risk and the client loved you. But you also should have known that the tactical approach would have never gotten them the x10 increase they actually needed to have a chance to succeed.

If they’d gotten to the point they acknowledge they need a product consultant, chances are they are far from product/market fit. The likeliest scenario is that their product strategy (probably existing only in their subconscious) is very much off. And that requires a much more drastic fix.

"What the F*ck is Product Strategy" - VentureBeat magazine


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